Nick Horan - Founder & Lead Engineer

Nick Horan, Founder and Lead Engineer
  • Nick HoranFounder and Lead Engineer
  • LocationPortsmouth, UK
  • Website/about/people/nick-horan
  • LinkedIn@njhoran
  • Key Skills
    JavaScript, Node.js
    React, Next.js
    SQL / NoSQL Database Design
    Solutions Design, Cloud-based Architecture
    State Management, Redux
    AWS / Cloud Development Kit (CDK)
    CI/CD Pipelines
    Elastic Stack, Search, SEO & Analytics

The Company

  • Solent Cloud Systems is an award-winning cloud software development company based on the South Coast, UK. We help companies to deliver their digital strategies, products and services.

Latest Case Study

Delivering Platform Health Observability, BBC, June 2021 - February 2022

  • The BBC are in the process of modernising their portfolio of digital products, known as Web Core
  • Solent Cloud Systems were engaged to design, build and deliver an obersvability stack, to give their DevX team important insights into the health of their platform infrastructure
  • SCS have delivered a customisable solution, deployed in AWS and centred around a time-series database with Grafana as the front-end
  • The BBC now have a suite of platform health dashboards built around a set of internal Service Level Objectives, with appropriate alerting in place

Tech Stack

  • AWS Lambda, CDK, TypeScript, SNS/SQS, RDS, InfluxDB, Grafana

Previous Case Studies

Pharmacy Management System, Elephant Healthcare

  • Design, build and delivery of a Pharmacy Management System (part of the Elephant Healthcare OS)
  • Stock management, tracking, dispensing, reordering alerts and fraud prevention features

Tech Stack

  • Next.js/React, Node.js, MongoDB, Elastic Stack

COVID-19 Response Platform, Elephant Healthcare

  • Design, build and delivery of Clinic Connect, an advanced COVID-19 reporting platform
  • The first near-real-time epidemic monitoring and reporting system used in Kenya

Tech Stack

  • Next.js/React, Node.js, SQS, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL

Career Managment Platform, delivering smart features for the modern job seeker, Workray, Total Jobs Group (StepStone UK)

  • Design, build and delivery of an automated email classification service (job applications, interviews, rejections, feedback)
  • Delivering a Named Entity Recognition (NER) service based on AWS Comprehend (machine learning platform) and trained with tens of thousands of data points

Tech Stack

  • AWS, ECS, Terraform, CloudWatch, S3, SNS/SQS, Lambda, Comprehend (ML), MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elastic Stack, Google Pub/Sub

Smart Vacancy Search Platform, Jobsite (StepStone UK)

  • Complete rebuild of Jobsite's vacancy search platform
  • Microservices architecture
  • Lucene-based search engine technology
  • Advanced features such as dictionary-based semantic search extensions

Tech Stack

  • Node.js, Apache Solr, Apache ZooKeeper, Elastic Stack, Docker, Oracle, Perl

Other Projects

Security Services Product, ROK Global (ROKiT Group)

  • Delivery of key components of the mobile device-based intelligence gathering system
  • Built for global security services
  • Successfully delivered field trials with Texas Department of Public Safety and other agencies

Mobile Streaming TV Service, ROK Global

  • Design, build and delivery of ROK’s live streaming and on-demand mobile TV platform
  • Platform capable of streaming video over pre-3G networks and above

Mobile TV Gambling Platform (POC), ROK Global

  • Design and build of APIs to deliver real-time betting odds and to facilitate creation and settlement of bets
  • Working prototype built as a proof of concept

Building a Tier-1 Grid Computing Centre for CERN's Large Hadron Collider, CCLRC (now STFC)

  • Delivered key networking infrastructure for the Grid Computing Centre
  • Firewall and DNS configuration
  • Delivery of platform/network health monitoring solution

Live and Replay Video Streaming Platform, CCLRC (now STFC)

  • Platform built from open-source software components and customised hardware
  • Designed to receive satellite broadcast signals direct from the European Space Agency (ESA)