Cloud Migration and Hosting

Cloud City without the Deep Freeze

Scalability, Resilience, Cost Savings & Increased Agility.

Those are the key benefits that businesses gain when migrating to the Cloud, but what exactly is this mythical cloud thing?

The Cloud is not a reinvention of the data centre, it's a complete paradigm shift in the way in which applications are built, scaled and deployed.

Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure bring together the infrastructure, software and data layers to provide a vast array of interconnected services. AWS alone provides more than 200 products and services including Compute, Containers, Databases, Messaging Systems, Blockchain, Game Tech, Analytics and Machine Learning.

The only real limitation on design is our own imagination!

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Our Approach to Cloud Migration

We'll work closely with your business so that we can fully understand your current technology stack. We'll then take that knowledge and produce a high-level plan for migrating your systems to the Cloud.

Once the high-level plan has been agreed and approved, we'll break it down into a more detailed operational plan. We work with agility which means no long-winded waterfall projects. Instead we work in short blocks of time, usually each block lasts for two weeks. These blocks of time, or Sprints as they are known are key to delivering products in a timely fashion. They also keep the momentum up so that the project continually develops. These mini milestones also mean that you will quickly see your systems migrating to their new environment.

Your customers may not realise that anything has changed due to our seamless upgrade paths but they might feel the change. Your customer-facing systems might seem faster, slicker and more responsive than before. This is always one of our goals when dealing with cloud migrations.

Cloud Solutions. Delivering Efficiency.

Our cloud engineering solutions are adaptable to your needs but we have three main pathways to achieving the efficiency of scale that these platforms enable.


  • Your existing systems hosted in the cloud
  • Relatively quick approach to leveraging cloud hosting
  • Run in parallel with existing platform
  • Slowly phase out the old platform
  • Targets cost-savings over scalability
  • No dramatic changes to current architecture

Cloud Re-architecting

  • A hybrid approach
  • Frontend web lifted-and-shifted
  • Backend re-architected to microservices
  • Move key functionality to serverless cloud functions
  • A gradual move to cost efficiencies
  • Scalability is introduced in a controlled manner

Cloud-native Development

  • Suitable for new systems
  • Architected for the Cloud from version one
  • Make full use of cloud offerings
  • Potential for cloud-agnostic / multi-cloud approach
  • Massively scalable from day one
  • Cost efficiencies from day one
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